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Who are we?

To create. To improve. To be a part of changes around us. To tame the technology and to bring it closer to people.

These goals guided us when, in August 2011, after years of working on researching mobile broadband technology in a large multinational corporation, we decided to start our own company, WiLabs.

We are still active in R&D while creating mobile and web apps, conducting research on new algorithms for optimization of mobile networks, helping in long-term, strategic planning of the wireless networks operators and conducting highly specialized trainings and workshops on mobile technologies.

With talent, commitment, passion and quest for technical excellence of our team, we always strive to provide our customers with products and services of the highest quality in every area of our activities.

With pride we hand out to you our new product - the ebadu service. We have created it with R&D companies (just like ours)in mind, and for the thousands of creative engineers in Poland to enable them to fully unleash their creative potential and help them benefit - also financially - from it. We do hope that our service will help to stimulate and foster a culture of innovation among our clients.

Simply put: create, benefit!

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