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Frequently asked questions

I am an employer potentially interested in utilizing in my company. What should I do now?

You have taken the first step already! Now you just need to contact us. We will be more than happy to tell you about what kind of potential lies in our service and what sort of benefits would apply for your organization.
We therefore propose a brief introductory meeting where we will present our solution in greater detail and all the benefits as well as other requirements or consequences that would incure once you would decide to implement our solution within your organization. We will answer all your questions. We will discuss and help you to choose service options so that implementation of the service is fit to your needs.
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How does a typical implementation of look like?

The implementation phase aims to prepare a company for the usage of the service. Generally, it involves taking a series of actions such as: analyzing the company (the degree of creativity for employees at various positions), obtaining an opinion of the respective administrative authorities (to determine the validity of the approach for your particular case) as well as preparing the necessary internal documentation (i.e. adaptation of employee agreements, etc.).
We prepare all the necessary elements such that the company is smoothly prepared for the application/usage of the service.

I am an employee interested in using ebadu. What can I do?

Although the task of the ebadu service is to meet the needs of both employers and employees, its implementation within a company requires a consent and interaction primarily with the employer. If, as an employee, you see the possibiliby of using our service within the company you work for, just tell the owner or your direct manager about such possibility. If, for some reason, you think you would be better off by letting us doing that for you, please let us know. We would be happy to contact a person designaded by you and present the benefits of using the ebadu service.
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I am an employer. Is it the case that while using I will be still guaranteed all the rights to computer programs created by my employees?

Yes. According to the respective law acts (ustawa o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych. rozdz. 7. art. 74, pkt. 3) all the rights of a computer program created by an employee as a result of work arrangement belong to an employer unless a work agreement between the two does not regulate it otherwise.
It is during the implementation phase of the ebadu service within the client's organization that these matters are properly regulated such that, after copyright transfer occurs (in this case: the rights to software), the ownership is also with the employer. Hence, after the implementation of ebadu, the employer is also holding all the rights to the items created by its employees.

I am an employer. I employ workers on contract work. Do the ebadu service apply also for my case?

Yes. The ebadu service is amied at businesses and their employees, regardless of the form of employment. Every time we analyze the case individually and help our customers to take proper decision on the merits of the implementation of the ebadu.

While using the ebaud service, is it required to transfer a copy of the item to the on-line service?

No. The ebadu service provides two forms of documenting the effects of creative work. These may take the form of a copy of the file, or - alternatively - an url to a file. In the first case, a copy of the file is transferred to the service, while in the latter case a link (an url) i stored. In case of a link to a file, the link may indicate an internal resource, the access to which is fully controlled by the party (i.e. no access granted). It should be noted that the functionality of preliminary automated originality detection requires copies of files to work with.

What is "preliminary automated originality detection" functionality?

The functionality of "preliminary automated originality detection" allows to automatically check the level of originality of the reported content with respect to other work items reported previously under an organization. The feature is designed to make the task of the approval process as smooth as possible by providing an add-on information as to what extend the registered item is similar to any other request already registered within the system. In such case a duplicate code is detected as an item of low originality (for a duplicate this measures is 0%). A highly sophisticated algorithm is used to detect similarities in source code. Note: to use the functionality of the preliminary automatic originality detection, the copies of the items need to be available to the system.

I work for corporation. Does the implementation and the use of require changing employee contracts?

No. Although there exists a need to account for certain specific provisions in the contract between an employer and an employee with respect to the use of the ebadu system and accounting for increased costs of income, they are usually arranged within an annex to the existing contracts. Therefore, there is no need to change the current standard contracts. We take care of all the necessary changes and present the relevant provisions and the annex for the client's final approval.

I am an entrepreneur ready to deploy the system. What is my role?

Your main role is decision making. All the steps necessary to prepare your organization for the usage of the ebadu service will be prepared by us. We keep you on the course of the implementation process. We prepare all the necessary documents and present them to you for you approval. Our objective is to efficiently and smoothly transfer your organization through the implementation process, yet you are in charge at any time.

I am an employer and a beneficiary of the EU funds. Can I still utilize the service?

The way the financing for your projects is obtained does not preclude the use of and applicability of increased costs of income in generall. Nevertheless, we analyze each case individually upon the service preparation phase.

I am an entrepreneur. Does the introduction of the ebadu service implies high customization effort to my accounting and HR processes?

Certainly not. The ebadu system was designed in such a way as to fit to various HR and accounting processes our clients may use. Naturally some changes are required (e.g. to account for increased costs of income), but they require only marginal changes to the processes already used. The way HR and accounting is done does not change and the ebadu service can be deployed in companies utilizing both internal as well as external HR/accounting services.

I heard that there has been a limit introduced to the application of increased costs of income. What does it really mean?

Indeed, as of January, 1st 2013 and following the applicable law (Art. 22, par. 9, pnt 1-3, 10) of income tax act, there has been and upper limit introduced to the costs which could be written off. They may not exceed ½ of the amount of the upper limit of the first tax threshold. This means that according to currenly applicable provisions the expences to be written off can not exceed more than 42.764 pln (for comparison, a standard, non-increased costs of income limit is 1.335 pln). The total amount of the deduction occurs when our income reaches 85.528 pln. It is worth noted, however, that even after exceeding this income level, the use of the increased costs of income rule is beneficial since it effectively results in posponing the moment of an applcation of a higher tax rate.

Who is eligible for the ebadu service?

The ebadu service is aimed at companies and their employees engaged in creative activities. In particular, the service aims at R&D organizations, although other types of activities may also be applicable. Companies employing: programmers, software engineers, designers, graphic and web designers or artists should generally qualify. A standard approach is to analyze a client organization and respective employee positions. It is a part of the ebadu implementation process.

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