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The ebadu pricing includes:

  • implementation fee (one time payment fee)
  • fee for the regular use of the system (subscription fee)

Regular usage

ebadu is served as subscription-based service, where subscription is charged for each active user.

Basic Premium
Creative work record
Copyrights transfer reports
Due dates reminders
On-line training
Updates (bug fixes)
Updates (new functionalities)
Preliminary, automatic verification of originality*
Private projects (per project access restrictions)
Creativity statistics
Customer logo
Expert support
Document workflows 1 many
Max reaction time 30 days 2 days
1 year 5 years
A subscription fee is calculated including only active users. This means that if a user has not used the ebadu service, the service fee will not be charged.
* The functionality of automatic verification of originality is yet in the testing phase.


The one-time implementation costs are dependent on ebadu package selection options. These are:

  • internal activities
    • creativity analysis (for particular groups of employees)
    • contractual changes (i.e. contract amendments, internal documentation)
    • individual trainings
  • external activities
    • individual ruling by Tax Chamber
    • individual ruling by Ministry of Culture
    • individual legal opinion

The actual costs depend on the size of the organization. Please ask for a quotation for your company!

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